Meet the Censors (2020)

IMDB Summary: From a Kafkaesque office for social media in Germany into South Sudan military headquarters, to conversations with an Iranian Ayatollah, Indian film censors and Chinese news editors. Norwegian filmmaker Håvard Fossum has traveled the world to understand what censorship is, allowing the censors themselves to state their case.

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Nekrotronic (2018)

IMDB Summary: A man who discovers that he is part of a secret sect of magical beings who hunt down and destroy demons in the internet.

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Spy Game (2001)

IMDB Summary: Retiring CIA agent Nathan Muir recalls his training of Tom Bishop while working against agency politics to free him from his Chinese captors.

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Survive the Night (2020)

IMDB Summary: A disgraced doctor and his family are held hostage at their home by criminals on the run, when a robbery-gone-awry requires them to seek immediate medical attention.

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You've Been Trumped Too (2016)

IMDB Summary: A chronicle of the confrontation between billionaire Donald Trump and feisty 92-year-old Scottish widow, Molly Forbes.

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Lazy Kovar

Likes Keeper.

Just a bunch of microservices in Rust, to explore how it could be done.

  • RSS -> Incoming Topic
  • Mastodon Favourites -> Incoming Topic
  • Twitter -> Incoming Topic
  • Incoming Topic -> Data Router (based on content, turns things into a more manageable format, finds if the content have any attachments [images/files] and puts those in a Download Topic)
  • Data Router -> Save Content on Disk
  • Download Topic -> Disk

Swan Song - Robert R. McCammon

GoodReads Summary: Swan is a nine-year-old Idaho girl following her struggling mother from one trailer park to the next when she receives visions of doom—something far wider than the narrow scope of her own beleaguered life. In a blinding flash, nuclear bombs annihilate civilization, leaving only a few buried survivors to crawl onto a scorched landscape that was once America.

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Gaga Silly Germanium

Git Static Generator.

  • Generate pages from Git repository.
  • Several pages:
    • Summary
    • Tree
      • Display files, colored syntax
    • Commits
      • Changes in each commit
      • Diffs
  • Display clone link (http and git)

Treadstone (2019)

IMDB Summary: The Treadstone project, having created super spy Jason Bourne, turns its attention on a new protocol to develop unstoppable superhuman assassins.

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Grand Prix Driver

IMDB Summary: Grand Prix Driver goes inside the secretive world of Formula 1 by offering never-before-granted access to the inner workings of McLaren. Narrated by Michael Douglas.

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