Short version: New blog URL, engine and layout.

Long version: For a long time already, I've been thinking about using a static blog generator. Not that there is anything wrong with dynamic blog engines (and I'm a long time WordPress user, without any issues, specially since my hosting company -- Dreamhost -- offers easy updates), but... I don't know, I think it's easy to automate some stuff when all you have are basic files, with no API to talk to.

So, here it is. A new blog URL, so all old posts are still visible in their original paths (although this will be a problem in the future when I decide to launch a 4.0 blog, but that's a problem for the future); a new engine, as WordPress is not static, so I decided to go with Pelican, simply because I know Python (I know there is a huge community for Jekyll, but I'm not a Ruby guy and I don't want to be a Ruby guy); and finally a new layout, as I took everything I've been playing with Zurb Foundation and, since I'd automagically gain a responsive layout, I did just that. And yes, the theme is my creation -- and that's why there is a bunch of broken stuff. I'll be fixing them in the future, as I see them -- or someone reports them to me.

PS: There is actually a hidden thing, some things I don't want to deal again, which could probably crippling me in what to write (hence why the content was so dull and boring in the last few months). Because static blogs don't have comments, I may feel fine in finally discussing them.