Things I Learnt The Hard Way - Code of Conduct Protect YOU, Not THEM

When you're beginning with any language/library/framework, check their CoC; they will protect you from being harassed for not immediately getting what is going on instead of blocking you from telling them what you think.

I'm mentioning this 'cause a lot of people complain about CoC, but they forget that they allow them to join in any project without being called "freaking noob" or "just go read the docs before annoying us".

And don't be afraid to ask moderators if someone that seems be in the community for longer than you isn't break the CoC. Just because you just got into the community, it doesn't mean you can't be part of it or that someone can abuse their position of "veteran" to not respect you.

Also, remember that most people that are against CoCs are the ones that want to be able to call names on everyone.

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