Things I Learnt The Hard Way - Resist The Temptation Of Easy

Sure that IDE will help you with a ton of autocomplete stuff and let you easily build your project, but do you understand what's going on?

I'm not denying the fact that IDEs make things easier. I'm trying to say that you should not rely heavily on their features.

I mentioned before that you should at least know how to run tests on the command line and the same applies to everything in IDEs: how to build, how to run, how to run tests and, let's be honest here, how to find proper names for your variables and functions. 'Cause it's nice that the IDE can complete all the names of the functions, but if the autocomplete feature was off, would you know which function you need? In other words, have you thought at least 10 seconds about a good name for your function so you won't need to use autocomplete to remember its name?

These days, IDEs can autocomplete almost everything, from function names to even how to name your variables. But using the autocomplete is not always a good solution. Finding better names is.

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