Things I Learnt The Hard Way - You Always Have The Time

You may think "Alright, I have a list of things I don't know, but I have no time to learn those things!" You do have time.

Most of this blog/book was written during my lunch breaks; I can have my lunch in 30 minutes, and then I still have 20-30 minutes free for myself. In those lunch breaks, I wrote a very stupid application in Rust to download some stuff I wanted.

I don't fall asleep straight away, it still takes me about 30 minutes to actually feel sleepy. That's when I pick my tablet and read a book, which most of the time is technical book, about some technology I'm interested in.

Even if when I get home I don't feel like sitting in front of a computer to code/write something, I always have the time to slowly progress.

And that's how I always have the time.

Sure, I could take those 30 minutes after lunch just to play games. I could put myself to sleep watching Netflix. But, then again, I'd never wrote this bunch of words, would never have an automated downloader and would not learn about new stuff that people are talking about.

Maybe people think "If I don't finish, it's over". Your life doesn't end in one day. You still have tomorrow to keep going -- to keep going, not to start.

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