I Redid My NeoVim Configuration

For some obscure reason, my NeoVim install decided it didn't want to display LSP warnings anymore. So I redid the whole configuration.

Believe me, I didn't do 'cause "OMG, so broken". I guess I could have tracked the problem to the way LanguageClient was installed -- it could be even out-of-date, 'cause I updated to NeoVim 0.6 recently -- but I also wanted to install the TreeSitter support, for better highlight. Those two factors were enough to me to try a different configuration, so I decided to do the full thing and rewrite the whole configuration file, using the Lua format.

I started with the post of Takuya Matsuyama, just as reference -- I'm not a user of a package manager (and there may lie the problem with some outdated plugin) and I really prefer to work with submodules and whatnot -- a way that is pretty close to what Pathogen does.

As I wanted to move some things from my old configuration to the new, I had to search on how to "translate" those. That's where I found a post by Heiker Curiel, which lists old configuration options and how they appear in the Lua config.

The result is that I have a brand sparkling NeoVim install, with all the bells and wristles:

The whole configuration file is in my personal Git repo.

What was left out?

When migrating, I few things I did not add in this new configuration: