Commented Link: 1Password for Linux beta is now open

1Password, the famous password management tool, published a blog about releasing a beta version of their tool for Linux.

Now, we always welcome a tool for Linux, specially the ones with names already know in the market, 'cause that gives the public a perception that Linux exists and that larger companies give a fuck about it, and so on.

But what caught my eye is this line: "Its backend is written completely in Rust". Not just because I'm a fan of Rust, but because

  1. the application doesn't look like a native application; it looks like an Electron application;
  2. this kind of action with Rust reminds of another technology that also wasn't well known, but caught engineers attention, and then, suddenly, it took off and now is widely used.

That technology was Linux. And the same thing seems to be happening to Rust. And this gives me a lot of hope in the future.