Links for 2020-03-05

Interesting links for 2020-03-05.

“Let’s use Kubernetes!” Now you have 8 problems

Not only explaining the problems of running K8s1, but also K8s codebase itself (summary: it looks like a mess) and if you really should use K8s (summary: only if you scale a lot, and you can scape from the scaling problem altogether).

Please stop recommending Git Flow!

I'm putting this here just because I wholeheartedly disagree with it. While some points are real (the short-lived branch rule, for example), some are (sorry, not sorry to say it) plain stupid.

Also, I do not believe in monorepos, 'cause monorepos bring the worst of software development -- instead of focusing on separating things into libraries and making proper releases, you just put everything globed together and hope for the best. So yeah, it's not that Gitflow makes it impossible to use monorepos, is that you shouldn't be using a monorepo in the first place!

Bye-Bye Mastodon, our account on was deleted yesterday

How a group of people working on open source projects but posted product updates in one of the Mastodon servers and got kicked for advertising.

This is one thing that can happen on every project that you can't manage -- and that includes every other social network mentioned in the post, not only Mastodon. What would you do if Twitter saw your advertising and decided you should buy "Enterprise Twitter Pro" to be able to post such content?

Mastodon -- and the Fediverse, for that matter -- is formed by lots of servers. Fosstodon is only one of them (I do have an account on Functional Cafe, for example. If the server policy changed to something I was not in accord, I could just take my data (and yes, you can take all your data) and upload to another server, with different policies. And if I don't agree with any server policy, I can run my own server and still connect with everyone.

So... Yeah, it's not that Mastodon is hard to use, or have a small community, but you can still be part of the Fediverse, if you want. Bonus: You can make your own policies for what is right or not.

genact - a nonsense activity generator

A very stupid CLI application with different modules to emulate some other long-running CLI application, so you can let it run and seem you're waiting for something.

I never thought we would get to this point: A "Can I Use" for Rust versions. Can you use iter::once_with? Only on Rust 1.43 and up.

Sure, a language that is not standing still but keeps progressing, specially since they are new, is a good thing, but it seems more and more features are being pumped in every version. Also, as it is simple to update Rust (just run rustup update) but it seems things are getting a bit out of hand.


"K8s" is the short-form of "Kubernetes", and hence the title of "8 problems".