Links for 2020-03-13

AWS+Azure+GCP on Optimizing Benchmarks, Public Service in Germany Can't Be Free, Fake Twitter Accounts, Automated Emails, Documenting Your Rust Code, Tips on Working From Home.

AWS, Azure, & GCP Respond to the 2020 Cloud Report

Here is the thing: CockroachLabs checks the performance of their database on all major cloud providers using the default settings; cloud providers respond the report by suggesting improvements; CockroachLabs publish the suggestions.

Court outlaws German Weather Service's free weather app

So you think a service provided by the government should be free (since, you know, it's paid by the taxpayers). But then comes a private service and the government (the law part) says the private service is correct in saying the service paid by the taxpayers shouldn't be free.

And all that in Germany, in all the places... although I reckon Germany is not a place known for urgent warnings like hurricanes and such.

Signs You’re Following A Fake Twitter Account…

A good report on how to spot fake accounts, although I have to wonder how many people would actually take the time to do all the checking presented in the article.

A Vacancy Has Been Detected

A tale of loss and how automated messages can be problematic 'cause they assume too much about the target audience.

Guide on how to write documentation for a Rust crate

Not only explaining how the Rust documentation system works, but also giving pointers on how to write a proper documentation.

Things I've learned from 12 years of WFH

Tips and tricks and some pointers on how to do a proper Work From Home.