Links for 2020-03-16

Free DevOps Books, COVID-19 Vaccine Fight, License Writing Tool, Python Cheatsheet, Erland LS, Unix Text Processing.

You can get my DevOps books free the rest of this month

Jeff Geerling, author of "Ansible for DevOps" and "Kubernetes for DevOps" made those two books free on LeanPub, but only for this month.

Germany tries to halt U.S. interest in firm working on coronavirus vaccine

Welt am Sonntag, a German newspaper, got hold on the fact that the US government is trying to buy the company working on a cure of COVID-19, "but only for the US".

Hey, nice showing on how to be a super-power, US Government.

Licensor: write licenses to stdout

Tired of searching how to write the license for your project? Worry no more! Licensor have a list of licenses and you can use it to generate your LICENSE file!

Comprehensive Python Cheatsheet

Chearsheets are abound, but this one for Python is pretty damn nice -- and really complete.

Welcome to Erlang LS

Erlang got its own Language Server, allow you to use any editor (that supports LSP -- Language Server Protocol -- that is) to write Erland code and get auto-completion and jump to definitions.

Text processing in the shell

A short explanation of lots of tools for text processing on Unix (actually, POSIX) systems.