Links for 2020-04-26

Memory Options for JVM, Rust Note-Taking WebApp, Contributing to Rust, COBOL, Probably New Chips for MacBooks.

OutOfMemoryError Related JVM Arguments

JVM options are plenty. This article points some related to the out-of-memory problems, like how to restart the process when that happens.

From Rust to WebAssembly: building an interactive note-taking webapp with Actix & Yew

I'm a sucker for note-taking apps. The fact that this one is built with Rust and WebAssembly is just too much for me.

Contributing to Rust Open Source

People think contributing to any open source project is complicated and have no idea where to start. Although focusing on helping the rust project, the post describes the whole process in finding an issue and dealing with it.

Brush up your COBOL: Why is a 60 year old language suddenly in demand?

While I don't expect people to take their free time and code some application in COBOL at this time and age, I think people will find curious the language that was in vogue when I started coding.

(Also, I have a presentation about old languages and, to be honest, I couldn't really remember how COBOL code looks like, and they have plenty examples in the article.)

Apple Aims to Sell Macs With Its Own Chips Starting in 2021

It may come with no surprise for anyone following Apple news that there was something going on with their Mac and their chips.

The greater point here is: Why? It's not that their chips are proving to be some powerhouse, but neither are Intel chips. And, as far as we know, the relationship between Intel and Apple is not in some bad weather, like it was when Samsung produced Apple chips. And that's why the "Why?" remains.

Oxidize 1K - March 2020

Oxidize 1K, a conference about Embedded Rust, happened on March this year. The conference was online and now the videos are available for everyone.

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