Links for 2020-05-02

Slack vs IRC, Forking Across Computers, AGCT, Stoicism, User Data Security.

Why Did Slack Win Out Over IRC, Anyway?

... in which we discuss the past of group communication compared to the current state of group communication.

I'm a huge fan of IRC, maybe 'cause I used almost every day when I was young. But IRC has a great feature that nobody talks about: It was distributed: You could run your own IRC server and ask it to join a federation of IRC servers -- as long as your users didn't mind the almost constant "netsplits".

Everybody today uses Slack and understanding where it "went wrong" can only be understood by learning the history behind the change.

Teleforking a process onto a different computer!

... in which we learn about RPC at the kernel level.

The Challenge of Proximity Apps For COVID-19 Contact Tracing

... in which EFF analyses the contact tracing "solutions" and how they affect the current world, specially since, as the article points, there is no information about the type of contact happened between two phones -- heck, you can't even point if the owner of the phone had the phone with themselves in the first place.

So, with efficacy questioned, we have to ask ourselves: What can it be used, then? And, if you wear a paranoid cap like me, things don't look good.

Vietnam's contact tracing app broadcasting a fixed ID

... in which not only we have a problem with the expected solution the "contact tracing", the ones being used are not providing the minimum protection to users privacy.

Psychological techniques and advice to practice Stoicism for attaining a good life.

In which I learn that I'm stoic1.

Guide to User Data Security

... in which... this joke is getting old already.

It's not just users that should care about privacy, companies have to have the knowledge to protect users' data, preventing unintentional disclosure of that data to third parties -- it would be better if companies didn't even capture data in the first place, but still...


Before it was cool.

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