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Spotify Around the Globe, Git Commit Messages, Airflow, Emacs Bindings, Contributing to Open Source Rust Style, Self-Hosted Git Repos, Vim Wiki, Don't Use Medium, StackOverflow Survey Results, Problems With StackOverflow Survey.

Spotify Most streamed track of the day by Country

Curious about which song is the most played on Spotify on each country?

My favourite Git commit

A huge text for a simple one character change? Sure, why not?

I have to agree with the point being made here, although the result is a bit too large for my taste: Write commit messages that explain why some change had to be done, what other options where presented, and why the actual solution was taken.

And that's how a proper commit message should be done.

An Introduction to Apache Airflow

I have been hearign about Airflow for awhile, but what the heck it is, what it does and things like that was something I didn't know about.

But Airflow is a data processing (ETL) framework in Python, where each task is defined in isolation and combined afterwards in an acyclic graph.

And it is in Python.

Binding Emacs

A practical guide on using Emacs keybinds.

Contributing to Rust

Although focused on the Rust project, this is a very good personal experience report in contributing to open source project -- in this case, a compiler. But instead of jumping directly into code, it all started with a simple documentation change.

The key points here are, basically: Start simple, get your feet wet and things just will start rolling.

Choosing a Self-Hosted Git Service

Git != Github or Gitlab. Github and Gitlab are frontends to Git and, if you wish, you could run a different interface on your domain.

Other optiosn presented here are: Cogs, Gitea, SourceHut, Phabricator, Gitolite, Gitweb and cgit. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses and they are explored here.

I use cgit on my repository, although I'd prefer to run something that generate static pages instead of something dynamic -- I don't do that many commits that would require rendering everything every time.

Personal Wiki for Vim

Did you know that you can have a personal wiki using just Vim? With this plugin, you can keep your data locally, without the need to install anything else (besides the plugin, that is) -- and people who like Emacs forgive me, but the format is simpler than Org-Mode (even if Org-Mode does a lot more stuff).

Stop Blogging on Medium if You Care about SEO

I don't freaking care about SEO -- honestly, SEO is the cherry on the top of the shit cake the internet has become -- but there are two points here that you must pay attention: "Login wall for free articles" and "Hidden costs of publishing on Medium" 'cause they tell you two things:

So you're, basically, the one generating income for Medium. Heck, even has a free tier with no paywall.

Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2020

StackOverflow did a survey last year to find out which languages developers are using, if they like it, how much they get paid, that kind of stuff.

And now, finally, the results are out.

PS: Rust is the most loved language for the 5th year in a row.

Stack overflow developer survey removes Clojure

... but not everything are flowers. The Clojure subreddit found that Clojure was not listed and even if they could fill the form with their own value, Clojure still didn't even appear in the results.

Not only that, but on our Rust group someone asked why there were no Rust libraries and frameworks on the list (Serde is wildly used) and after that I noticed that Glib also wasn't in the options -- and who the heck is crazy enough to work in C (which appears in the language list) without Glib these days?

So yeah, the list is nice, but feels a lot incomplete in these days.

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