Commented Links for 2020-08-15

Rust Docs On the Comand Line, Emacs Doom, Apple ARM Cascade Effect, Software Architecture, Uploads in Flask, Flask and Prometheus, Rust in Apple, Configuration Files In Rust, Rust Builder Pattern, Ruining Phipher Sites With Bash, Run Code Online, Free Action Cult, What Is Mozilla, Rust SPAs, GNOME Extensions, Git in Rust.

roc: Rust command line documentation searching

I may getting too much into CLI tools and such, but searching Rust documentation directly from the command line seems helpful as heck.

Emacs Doom for Newbies

I promised myself I wouldn't share links from Medium anymore, but this specific article helped me a lot getting into Emacs Doom keybinds. And Emacs Doom is my new favourite Emacs distribution now, so...

Apple Silicon: The Passing of Wintel

I like how this article describes how the simple change from Apple to their ARM version will push Microsoft towards it, thought their Surface thing. And if Microsoft changes, all big manufacturers will change too.

It is a fairy-tale of sorts, but damn, it does make sense!

Five things every developer should know about software architecture

I don't watch technical videos -- mostly 'cause my world revolves around text and I prefer things in textual form -- but I can see that the bullet points make sense.

(Also, if someone watch the video and I'm wrong here, let me know.)

Handling File Uploads With Flask

Although uploads are a simple matter (usually, and specially with Flask), I like when a tutorial starts on the very basic, no frills option and then starts adding features, showing the progress done to reach something that is way better than the first version.

Monitoring Flask microservices with Prometheus

A nice library to add support for Prometheus scraping on Flask applications.

Even Apple Is Interested In Migrating Their C Code To Rust

Ok, it's their services and not something related to macOS or iOS or any other OSes.

confy: Zero-boilerplate configuration management in Rust

Look how cute this little library that have the directories where configuration should be and how to load it.


Cool crate that allows #deriving the builder pattern on a struct.

Stopping phishing campaigns with bash

Nothing funnier than destroying a phishing site with automated scripts.

Try It Online

One of the cool things about the Rust ecosystem is the Playground, a site that allows you to code Rust without having to install the Rust compiler. But someone took a step forward and make a Playground for almost every language.

I Love MDN, or the cult of the free in action]

It all starts with a "But I did first and nobody said they loved me" but then it hit me in the gut with "It reminds me of breaking into spontaneous applause for our courageous health workers instead of funding them properly so they can do their jobs."

MDN is one hell of source of web knowledge. And, for some absurd reason, Mozilla decided to not fund it anymore. And nobody is talking about how to keep MDN going outside Mozilla: no talks about crowdfunding, no talks about moving to somewhere that will keep it alive and such.

By the way, if you're sad about MDN but are still using Chrome: Congratulations, you're part of the problem.

Mozilla’s uncertain future

It is really interesting how this paints a good picture of what "Mozilla" actually is, explaining the works of the Foundation and the works of the Corporation.

Single Page Applications using Rust

At this point, it must be clear how much I like posts that start with something very simple and go building something more complex with in some simple steps.

And this one have even diffs for the changes!

How To Make Ubuntu Work Like Windows 10

Not that I'm into Windows layout in the first place, but a good collection of GNOME extensions, if you're into changing the look of your system.

gitoxide: An idiomatic, modern, lean, fast, safe & pure rust implementation of git

One more to the bag of "common tools rewritten in Rust".