Commented Link: Google illegally spied on workers before firing them, US labor board alleges

TheVerge posted some news about Google Firing Workers based on information from a company they hired to spy their own workers.

I mean, that's nothing new: the "Do no evil" motto is long gone, and we see, every day, Google threating their users like cattle for profit. But now we see more and more news about Google trying to stop their own workers on getting a proper working environment.

Sadly, this is not the only one: We knew something was wrong way long, when in 2018 a group of workers had to make a public walkout in protest to the way Google were dealing with sexual misconduct and forced arbitration -- something that made Andy Rubin, author of Android, being "fired" from the company. From there, everything needs to find its way to the news, otherwise it just hid under the hug.

The fact that Google is pushing to spying their own workers show how bad the environment is there.

Before I go into a long rant about the continuous noticing of those events, I need to make a request: STOP USING GOOGLE PRODUCTS. When you use, you are basically telling them it's ok to continue doing it so.