The Origin of Names, Words and Everything in Between - Patrick Foote

GoodReads summary: Explore the world of names: What is something that literally everything in existence has in common? It all has a name! With The Origin of Names, Words and Everything in Between, you can learn the origins of these names. From countries and cities to toys and animals to even planets, learn the etymology of interesting words in a fun and entertaining way.

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Films from the Future: The Technology and Morality of Sci-Fi Movies - Andrew Maynard

GoodReads summary: Science, technology, and society: In Films from the Future, former physicist Andrew Maynard threads together his love of science fiction movies with his expertise on emerging technologies to engage, entertain and make you think about the relationship between technology, and society as they discover astounding, transformative advances in science. Through the imagination and creativity of science fiction movies, Maynard introduces readers to the profound capabilities presented by new and emerging technologies, and the complex personal and societal challenges they present.

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About Me

In case it wasn't clear by the URL, this is the blog of Julio Biason.

I'm a software developer/engineer/architect for about 30 years -- which doesn't mean I know everything about software development/engineering/architecture, but I do try.

You can contact me over julio "dot" biason "at" pm "dot" me, just convert the things in quotes to their symbol and remove the spaces -- and all that just because I want to make the life of spammers harder, and sorry about making your life harder, but still...

You can see my random thoughts on Functional Cafe.

I do have a Twitter account, but I'm not updating it as often as I do on Functional Cafe.

I do not have a Facebook account -- not anymore.

Announcing JulioBiason.Net 4.0

Short version: New new blog engine and layout.

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The Planets: Photographs from the Archives of NASA - Nirmala Nataraj, Bill Nye, U.S. Goverment

GoodReads Summary: This magnificent volume offers a rich visual tour of the planets in our solar system. More than 200 breathtaking photographs from the archives of NASA are paired with extended captions detailing the science behind some of our cosmic neighborhood's most extraordinary phenomena. Images of newly discovered areas of Jupiter, fiery volcanoes on Venus, and many more reveal the astronomical marvels of space in engrossing detail. Anyone with an interest in science, astronomy, and the mysteries of the universe will delight in this awe-inspiring guide to the wonders of the solar system.

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The Story Behind: The Extraordinary History Behind Ordinary Objects - Emily Prokop

GoodReads Summary: Learn the fascinating history and trivia you never knew about things we use daily from the host of The Story Behind podcast.

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Learn You a Haskell for Great Good! - Miran Lipovača

GoodReads Summary: Learn You a Haskell for Great Good! is a fun, illustrated guide to learning Haskell, a functional programming language that's growing in popularity. Learn You a Haskell for Great Good! introduces programmers familiar with imperative languages (such as C++, Java, or Python) to the unique aspects of functional programming. Packed with jokes, pop culture references, and the author's own hilarious artwork, Learn You a Haskell for Great Good! eases the learning curve of this complex language, and is a perfect starting point for any programmer looking to expand his or her horizons. The well-known web tutorial on which this book is based is widely regarded as the best way for beginners to learn Haskell, and receives over 30,000 unique visitors monthly.

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Genius: The Life and Science of Richard Feynman - James Gleick

GoodReads Summary: An illuminating portrayal of Richard Feynman—a giant of twentieth century physics—from his childhood tinkering with radios, to his vital work on the Manhattan Project and beyond.

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The Cyberiad - Stanisław Lem

GoodReads Summary: A brilliantly funny collection of stories for the next age, from the celebrated author of Solaris. Ranging from the prophetic to the surreal, these stories demonstrate Stanislaw Lem's vast talent and remarkable ability to blend meaning and magic into a wholly entertaining and captivating work.

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The Book of Skulls - Robert Silverberg

GoodReads Summary: Seeking the immortality promised in an ancient manuscript, The Book of Skulls, four friends, college roommates, go on a spring break trip to Arizona: Eli, the scholar, who found and translated the book; Timothy, scion of an American dynasty, born and bred to lead; Ned, poet and cynic; and Oliver, the brilliant farm boy obsessed with death.

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