The 7 Secrets of Exceptional Leadership - Brian Tracy

GoodReads Summary: In The Seven Secrets of Exceptional Leadership Brian describes the most important leadership qualities practiced by top leaders worldwide. By committing yourself to these seven "secrets" of exceptional leadership, you can achieve all your goals as a leader in every area of your life.


Ok, I have to say that this book rubbed me in all the wrong ways.

First, more pictures than content. I mean, if I want to have a book about boats, I'd get a book about boats, not about leadership.

Second, the rules are somewhat weird. "A leader must know themselves" I can get behind, specially because one would have to know their own weaknesses to lead people. "Know what they want"... why? A leader may lead people to make things they (leader) don't even fully agree, but know it must be done. Just knowing what you want (even couple with the other points) doesn't make you a leader -- heck, it doesn't even fit the description of a leader.

This was a book that I picked up and dropped next day 'cause fuck confusing "being a boss" with "being a leader" -- and those two are completely different aspects.