88 Days to Any Goal - Rolland Roberts

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A whole "book" for something that is 5 (badly explained) bullet points. And a lot of "THIS THING IS GREAT!"

Want to lose weight? If you do the 88 day promise, you'll become weightless!

Want to make more money? With the 88 day promise, you'll be richer than Jeff Bezos!

I did the 88 day promise for my campaign and almost got elected as king of the world.

Want to get impervious to bullets? All you need is the 88 day promise!

A young Kal-El once decided to become stronger and, in 88 days, he was Superman!

Jokes apart, there is very little information about what the heck the 88 day promise is. Just focusing on something for 88 day is enough? Can I focus on becoming impervious to bullets? Any goal is valid? How to proceed, just set a goal and that's it?

No, it's not. There is a "first week, you take a time out". Suuuuure, I'll stop working for a whole week to recover my energies and then I'll focus for 2 weeks and take another week out for recharging.

Honestly, I felt like reading some very long ad for snake oil.