Ad Astra - Jack Campbell

GoodReads Summary: In Jack Campbell’s New York Times bestselling Lost Fleet series, Campbell’s hero Captain Black Jack Geary explores the furthest reaches of space. Here, Campbell explores what kinds of problems mankind might face as our horizons expand. The third in a series of collections of Campbell’s short stories includes some of Campbell’s favorite stories, and some of his earliest. A brand new author’s note accompanies each story.


While short stories may not give a general sense of the whole -- 'cause they are, after all, short -- the stories here are very interesting, and very good sci-fi.

Honestly, it's really hard to give some indication of how the stories go without going into spoilers.

But, again, there are very good stories, some even touching, some discussing social issues (without being "in your face", like any good Star Trek episode).

And the narration is pretty good too. Easy to read, easy to keep going.