Adult Stuff: Things You Need to Know to Win at Real Life - Robert Boesel, Matt Moore

GoodReads Summary: Sometimes your first steps into the "real world" send you falling flat on your face. It's natural to be optimistic about new experiences, but most of us set ourselves up only to be let down every time. And disappointment hurts like a $%&*#.

News flash: You don't have to be an Einstein to survive adult life. You don't even have to abandon your standards to get what you want. All you have to do is keep your expectations realistic.


Alright, right up front, let me say that it is weird to read a book about "How to Survive Real Life When You Just Got Passed Your Teens and Now Need to Work and Keep a Place and Have a Life" when you're 43. But here we are.

One thing the book does (although a bit too flourish for my taste) is to destroy all those dreams of a perfect life: Oh, you're out of your parents apartment? Sure, you can have that huge loft Tom Hanks have in "Big", or a nice apartment like the ones in "Friends"? NOT! Oh, sharing with someone you go fine? It will be like "Friends", every day! SIKE!

So, yeah, it is not that bad, but it is not a dream.

But instead of saying "Nope" all the time, the book tries to give some advice on how to survive this dark times. I think it missed the point sometimes; for example: dripping faucet? Hire someone. Why not buy two, play with one till you understand how it fits and then try the other one. Sure, hiring someone and watching over their shoulder how to do is something I do all this time -- I'm not kidding here -- but you can also experiment yourself. You'd pay double, but if you manage to understand how things work, you'll have a spare and if you break it, at least you got it shouldn't work.