Apache Kafka - Nishant Garg

GoodReads Summary: The book will follow a step-by-step tutorial approach which will show the readers how to use Apache Kafka for messaging from scratch.Apache Kafka is for readers with software development experience, but no prior exposure to Apache Kafka or similar technologies is assumed. This book is also for enterprise application developers and big data enthusiasts who have worked with other publisher-subscriber based systems and now want to explore Apache Kafka as a futuristic scalable solution. (less)


After reading the book, I ended up with more questions than I had when I started reading:

  1. What Kafka is good for?
  2. What are the use cases for Kafka?
  3. When I should NOT use Kafka?
  4. How Kafka compares to other options?
  5. What is a topic?
  6. How to create a pipeline to process information, in a way that I have multiple lines of processing?

Not only the book goes straight to "You install this way, you write a simple app, and that's it", it uses some very terse phrases, which makes really hard to read. Things like "This, at times, leads to redevelopment of information producers or consumers to provide an integration point between them", which is terse but has absolutely no information at all. There is even an introduction to Hadoop as "Resource sharing, stability, availability, and scalability are a few of the many challenges of distributed computing. Nowadays, an additional challenge is to process extremely large volumes of data in TBs or PBs." -- which says absolutely NOTHING about what Hadoop is and how it works.

Again, if you want to know less about Kafka, that's a good book for it.