Backbone.js Essentials - Jeremy Walker

GoodReads Summary: Construct top-notch web applications by mastering the powerful tools provided by Backbone.js Gain insights into how to simplify data management and create single-page web applications with powerful user interfaces This is a fast-paced guide on how to test, document, and leverage third-party libraries, and helps you get the most out of Backbone.js.


This is the second book about Backbone and, honestly, the more I read, the less I understand about it; but I believe that's absolutely only my fault.

Although the book explains each of the Backbone classes in deep, it never really connects one to another. It seriously lack a whole description on how to build an app from start to finish. Even if you know everything about collections and models (and that they represent a table and a record, respectively), how to create a View and how to route things around, you seriously lack the idea behind connecting one to another -- although Views are shown using Models directly, it should actually go on how to draw several models from a collection in a single step, for example.

So, although good for understanding Backbone classes, it lacks on the general building of a Backbone app.