At the very begin of the book, the author mentioned that, for the sake of showing tests, there would be a complete application to be used as an example. My thought, at this point was: Finally, a book talking more about how to connect Backbone elements than Backbone.js Essentials. Well, I was mistaken.

There isn't much of Backbone itself in this book. When it says "Backbone.js Testing", it actually means that Backbone is just a background thingy to talk about Mocha, Chai and Sinon. If the author decided to write a "React.js Testing", there wouldn't be more much in the topics, just a few adjustments there and there.

This means this book is back? Actually not. Although not focusing directly on Backbone, it does focus a lot on testing and all related libraries. Even if you don't work with Backbone -- but have at least some general idea about how it works -- it is a damn good book about JavaScript testing.