Christopher Walken A to Z: The Man, the Movies, the Legend - Robert Schnakenberg

GoodReads Summary: The Complete Guide To All Things Walken.


It's "The Big Bad Book of Bill Murray", but for Christopher Walken: Stories, people, movies, things related to the Christopher Walken, in alphabetical order.

Is it good? Well, that's the point I can really say. One thing that annoys me is that most of what is said in the book comes from other sources; Walken is never interviewed, but all the information is taken from other books and interviews and whatnot, but nothing directly said for the book. Also, because I'm not a super-fan, I can't validate if things are interesting or not, so it ends up being a compilation of information about an (recluse, private) actor.

It may be good if you just found out about Christopher Walken and want some opinion about his movies, and what to watch next and such and get some information in the more boring scenes.