Clojure for Machine Learning - Akhil Wali

GoodReads Summary: Clojure for Machine Learning is an introduction to machine learning techniques and algorithms. This book demonstrates how you can apply these techniques to real-world problems using the Clojure programming language.

It explores many machine learning techniques and also describes how to use Clojure to build machine learning systems. This book starts off by introducing the simple machine learning problems of regression and classification. It also describes how you can implement these machine learning techniques in Clojure. The book also demonstrates several Clojure libraries, which can be useful in solving machine learning problems.


If I ever read a book with a misleading title, that would be it.

Not because there is no Clojure in it, but the amount of Clojure used is minimal compared to the whole.

Also, not because there is no Machine Learning in it, but the book goes as deep as explaining the algorithms behind each common machine learning technique, without explaining when you should use it. There is ample discussion about the mathematical context of each method, but it explains absolutely nothing about machine learning itself -- it's purely a bunch of mathematical equations that could be use to extract some pattern, but it's hardly "machine learning" at this point.

(Also: Neural networks as "unsupervised learning"?!?)

So, good book on the math behind some machine learning equations, very bad clojure, very bad machine learning.