Creating Interfaces with Bulma - Jeremy Thomas, Oleksii Potiekhin, Mikko Lauhakari, Aslam Shah, Dave Berning

GoodReads Summary: This book is a step-by-step guide that will teach how to build a web interface from scratch using Bulma.


Everybody is looking for that most awesome, small CSS framework, that will solve all your problems. Is Bulma this framework? Well, I'm not sure.

It's not that the book doesn't show what the framework can do, it's just that the examples seem really without any checking: Sometimes fields are surrounded by one "field" div, sometimes they are surrounded by "column" (a normal grid component) and sometimes they are surrounded by two "field" divs. Why? Which one is the right way? It is a problem with the framework or a problem with the book?

Also, there is a weird example of just writing templates with no explanation on why: Why one should replace "6 books" to "3 customers"? Does that change anything? (It does not, I do understand the why doing it, but there is no explanation that you're doing it just to show how things will look like.)

Also also, there is some serious problem with the images in the ePub version: It says something but it shows a copy of a previous image. Surely, you get what they meant by some template changes in a way that you don't need to see the results, but still...