Dragon's Winter - Elizabeth A. Lynn

Goodreads Summary: Karadur and Tenjiro are twin sons of Kojiro Antani, the dragon lord of Ippa. But only Karadur, whose name means "fire-bringer," bears the blood of the dragon in his veins. His younger brother, Tenjiro or "Heaven's hope," was second out of the womb and is the weakest and smallest of the two. As the twins grow to maturity, Karadur is anxious to attain the promise of his blood and transform into the dragon he is capable of becoming. But Tenjiro, who bears the scars of Karadur's claws, resents his older brother and, on the eve of Karadur's transformation, steals the talisman that makes the change possible. That same night he disappears, fleeing to a distant, icy realm where he will reemerge as a powerful wizard bent on destroying his older brother. But Karadur, lord of Dragon Keep, is prepared to go to war against Tenjiro, and it's likely only one will survive. --Craig Engler (less)


A fantasy book with changelings, a feud between brothers and a medieval setting.

The problem? It is too cliché.

Sure it's a simple read, but the amount of clichés, like the big baddie, the corruption of a character by some supernatural power, the character with an immense power that he needs to learn how to control, even the freaking "let me build a character you'll cheer for and I'll kill them" is there.