Emotions Revealed: Understanding Faces and Feelings - Paul Ekman

GoodReads Summary: A renowned expert in nonverbal communication, Paul Ekman led a revolution in our scientific understanding of emotions. In Emotions Revealed, he assembles his research and theories to provide a comprehensive look at the evolutionary roots of human emotions, including anger, sadness, fear, disgust, and happiness.


Emotions: Learning, therapy and socialization

There is one thing weird about this book: although it explores the expressions on people's faces, going through lenghty explanations about what they mean and which context they may happen, there are also parts explaining why you would feel something like that and how to react when you notice people doing them. It's part explanation about emotions, part teaching you about your own emotions (like in a therapy session) and part how to react when people show them (socialization). In a full package.

The problem I found is not about the book, but about the Kindle edition: Because we are exploring expressions in people's faces, we need images. But images on Kindle is terrible and in very low quality. It makes kinda hard to see that little muscle that you move only when you're feeling some emotion when the image showing it have almost no details due quality.

There is a test in the end of the book, explaining exactly what you should be looking for. The problem is, again, the photo quality in the book.

It's an interesting book, specially when it shows that our reactions (face reactions) to some emotions happen in every society, every culture, but hard to follow due those bad images.