Fulgrim - Graham McNeill

GoodReads Summary It is the 31st millennium, and humanity is at the peak of its powers. As the Great Crusade, led by Warmaster Horus, continues to conquer the galaxy, Fulgrim, Primarch of the Emperor’s Children, leads his warriors into battle against a vile alien foe. From the blood of this campaign are sown the seeds that will lead this proud Legion to treachery, taking them down the darkest of paths of corruption. Leading up to the carnage of the Dropsite Massacre on Isstvan V, this is the tale of Fulgrim's tragic fall from grace.


Yes, I know I said I wouldn't read those books anymore. But I tagged them on my storage in "to be read" and, bored I decided to pick another one.

And, this time, I'm not reading any more books of the series.

Once again, the story moves backwards -- without telling you this -- to tell you a story behind some other character... well characters actually, 'cause, once again, a bunch of characters are introduced and them relegated to disappear in the background, like previous books.

Maybe the author was trying to -- and yes, I know I said this of the previous book -- make some "Shadow of the Giant" type of connection between the stories. But, once again, it focus on things you already know, adding absolutely nothing to the main story. It is just noise around the original one. Besides, deep, complicated points are still unresolved: How the fuck did Erebus got into contact with the chaos? What the fuck is the chaos? This is open for three books (counting this one) and still no answer at all.

The first book of the series introduced a character that had to live under the control of more powerful characters, which could give the reader some idea of the intricacies of the politics without ever talking about the politicians... And then suddenly everything was dropped and forgotten and now you have even a battle between two powerful entities -- the primarchs -- happening, like everyone else was just background.

And boy, the general description of those primarchs is that they are a bunch of assholes. All of them. To the point that you start to believe that even the emperor, which command the primarchs, is also an asshole. They are so asshole-ly than, at this point of the series, I want the whole universe to burn, starting with the fucking damn Astares.

Oh, and the great plot twist in the end can be seen from a mile, as long as you're paying half attention to the story.

So... fuck it, the series is dead and buried for real at this point for me. I can't even recommend any of the book in the series at this point, so rubbish the story has become.