Functional Reactive Programming - Stephen Blackheath, Anthony Jones

GoodReads Summary Functional Reactive Programming teaches the concepts and applications of FRP. It begins with a careful walk-through of the FRP core operations and introduces the concepts and techniques you'll need to use FRP in any language. Following easy-to-understand examples, you'll learn both how to use FRP in greenfield applications and how to refactor existing applications. Along the way, the book introduces the basics of functional programming in a just-in-time style, so you never learn anything before you need to use it. When you're finished, you'll be able to use FRP to spend more time adding features and less time fixing problems.


Honestly, I read the book and I still don't understand FRP; all I got was some concepts for a Sodium framework.


... which may appear as no surprise, with the amount of grammar mistakes in this post. :p 2: That's surprise. 3: That's confusion.