Learning Concurrency in Python - Elliot Forbes

GoodReads Summary: Practically and deeply understand concurrency in Python to write efficient programs.


A good book if you want examples of code in some concurrency topics -- and some that don't -- but nothing that could actually teach you how to use this.

For example, there are consecutive examples of things that only change one option. It tells what the option says it does but doesn't example what it actually does and when you should use it. The whole when is missing from the book: Here is the options, here are examples for each option, have fun.

Also, as usual for Packt books, editing would require some work. For example, you're following with examples using .join() but it is not initially explained why you need to do that -- only a few sections later that you find out it "waits for the completion of threads/processes", with no mention that the call blocks the current thread.

And, on top of that, none of the examples (ok, maybe two) actually follow PEP8. It is a pet peeve of mine, I reckon, but when you're explaining some language feature, I'd expect the examples to follow the code style of the language (although it is not that bad 'cause at least there is a consistent style through the book, even if it is not PEP8).

Suddenly, I have a feeling that the book is actually the notes of the author while learning something, not something that they want to help you learn...