Microservices AntiPatterns and Pitfalls - Mark Richards

GoodReads Summary: Remember when service-oriented architecture (SOA) was all the rage? Companies jumped in before fully understanding SOA’s advantages and disadvantages, and struggled to make this complex architecture work. Today, we’re poised to repeat this same experience with microservices—only this time we’re prepared. With this concise ebook, author Mark Richards walks you through the ten most common microservice anti-patterns and pitfalls, and provides solutions for avoiding them.


Not a book per se, but a paper about the tendencies that lead to microservices to fail. If this was a book, I think I'd give it less stars, but since it is just a short paper, it feels alright -- for a book, longer content and how to implement the corrects would be nicer.

In the end, for people starting with microservices, it is a good pointer for "do not do that"; for people working with microservices for awhile, it's quite a "I did that already" checklist.