Javascript is a weird language. Good practices make a weird language easier to understand and read. That's why I was interested in writing OO JS code.

Thing is, this book is not just about OO. There is a bunch of "hey, if you never heard about JS, here is how it works", which I believe is kinda pointless (there are plenty "Starting with JS" books these days), there is a bunch of browser objects (which, although "objects", I don't believe they are necessary to write OO JS code) and there is plenty about reserved words and what they mean (which although nice, is also unnecessary).

There is also a bunch of mentions of things some "Douglas Crockford" which made me wonder why I was reading this book instead of looking for stuff Crockford wrote.

But the book explores all possibilities of writing OO code in a non-OO language, have some design patterns in JS and some JS patterns which are interesting.