Object-oriented JavaScript - Second Edition - Stoyan Stefanov

GoodReads Summary: Create scalable and reusable high-quality JavaScript applications and libraries using the concepts of object-oriented programming. This book is for the beginning to intermediate web developer who wants to solve web development problems with smart JavaScript. It does not assume any prior knowledge of JavaScript programming; however even if you already know some JavaScript, there will be plenty for you to learn here.


Javascript is a weird language. Good practices make a weird language easier to understand and read. That's why I was interested in writing OO JS code.

Thing is, this book is not just about OO. There is a bunch of "hey, if you never heard about JS, here is how it works", which I believe is kinda pointless (there are plenty "Starting with JS" books these days), there is a bunch of browser objects (which, although "objects", I don't believe they are necessary to write OO JS code) and there is plenty about reserved words and what they mean (which although nice, is also unnecessary).

There is also a bunch of mentions of things some "Douglas Crockford" which made me wonder why I was reading this book instead of looking for stuff Crockford wrote.

But the book explores all possibilities of writing OO code in a non-OO language, have some design patterns in JS and some JS patterns which are interesting.