Reactive Microservices Architecture - Jonas Bonér

GoodReads Summary: Still chugging along with a monolithic enterprise system that’s difficult to scale and maintain, and even harder to understand? In this concise report, Lightbend CTO Jonas Bonér explains why microservice-based architecture that consists of small, independent services is far more flexible than the traditional all-in-one systems that continue to dominate today’s enterprise landscape.


Not actually a "book" per se, but more like a paper -- the author even mentions it is a paper.

Now, is it a good paper? Well... Thing is, easy-to-explain concepts, like "Sagas", take a long discussion about them, but hard-to-explain, like the CAP theorem, make just some short explanations. And this is bad; things that really need more explanation do not and are just glossed over; things that you can get right out of the bad, do not. Also, some parts put a lot of footnotes and assume the reader will read the footnote, which is bad, 'cause if you let it to read later, you won't totally grasp what it means.

Also, there is one serious problem: Although it does a good discussion about microservices, there is is very little explanation on what the reactive microservice differs from normal microservices.

It's more interesting for the footnotes, which have links to the real content, than the content of the paper.