80s, Back to Back

First, small spoiler: imagine a world were Second Life won and reached its wildest dream. A world created by an 80s aficionado. Imagine there is a prize hidden somewhere. Imagine the locks are all based on 80s stuff. That's the book.

Now, if you're a children of the 80s, this will be a great ride. You'll find a bunch of stuff you remember appearing everywhere. And you'll remember what it was and it will be fun.

All this you can read in all other reviews.

The story suddenly drops mid book before returning to the old 80s memorabilia trip. A couple of pages could remove one hundred and the book would be a lot more fun (and that's why I'm not giving it 5 starts).

Some things will piss you off: the "evil" guys are one dimensional. The romance is dull. The hero never gets in a corner he doesn't find a way out. The fights are too colorful. It may not sound so, but it is annoying.... Till you realize 80s movies were just like that.

It's really a fun book and I never knew I could read that fast.