The Book of Kells - R.A. MacAvoy

GoodReads Summary: An unusual and original work of fantasy from the acclaimed author of Tea with the Black Dragon. A contemporary man, John Thornburn (a meek, non-violent and unpredictable artist) and woman, Derval (his tough, confrontational, strong and warrior-like lover) time travel to ancient Ireland to avenge a Viking attack. Packed with fascinating details of historical time and place in Irish history and delicately balanced on the border between realism and fantasy, the story centers around one of the most famous and beautiful illuminated manuscripts in history, the legendary but entirely real Book of Kells. Celtic history blends with magical fantasy for a strange and immersive tale of adventure.


I really don't know how to categorize this book.

I mean, for a while, I thought it was a serious fantasy book. Then things got way crazy and I thought it was a comedy. Exactly at that point, craziness went out and things were not funny anymore.

Maybe the guy just read too much Irish tales and decided to write about it, since there are very few books in which the story happens in Ireland.

In the end, sure, it's a story around some Irish tales, based on Irish history and, basically, that. It's crazy, it's hard to follow and jumps around too much.