What would happen if Isaac Asimov and Douglas Adams had a child? Stanislaw Lem.

Ok, maybe I'm pushing the story a bit too far, 'cause that's the only book I've read from Lem so far, but the stories in this book really do seem a mix between what Asimov wrote with the nonsensical humour of Adams.

The book revolves around stories of two "constructors", Trurl and Klaupacius and their adventures. And I put "constructores" with quotes 'cause, only by reading the synopsis is that I got that they were robots -- a thing the book never transpires, in a way that I thought, till now, that they were humans in a world were robots and humans live along. Good, bad? I can't say it.

While the humour is there -- and I truly appreciate Adams style and reckon the hard work of the translators -- some pieces get too long and too nonsensical to be actually funny. It becomes a chore, sometimes, to read very long paragraphs, with a bunch of weird words (cause there is a bunch of made up words, like mixing "sarcastic" and "transistor" into a single word).

It's fun overall, but not Adams fun.