The Drift Wars - Brett James

GoodReads Summary: Peter Garvey was just a kid when the warships emerged from the Drift and devastated his homeworld. He enlisted immediately, leaving behind his small-town life to fight in distant space.

Barely surviving basic training, he is thrust to the front line to battle the Riel, an army of creatures beyond his darkest nightmares.


There are very few books that I've read that made my head spin by being so terrible describing action scenes. There is Neuromancer has pretty damn good action sequences. This one, no.

Maybe it's because you can't really get the pace of the sequence. Maybe it's because it's badly described. Maybe it's because things sound so cartoonish you can't really go. I mean, how can I imagine an action sequence when the big bad guy seems to be a Spidermon from Doom on steroids, the middle guys felt like Carnage from Spiderman and the mind-guys seemed copies of Mordin from Mass Effect.

And let's not forget the main plot machine, which makes absolutely no sense at all -- even if it's a pretty damn concept to keep the story flowing.

Speaking of flowing, if you take the heavy packed sequences and the enemies description, it's a pretty damn good book. Almost like "All You Need Is Kill" in structure and plot advancement.

So it's not a bad book at all, and may feel like a really good read if you managed to follow Neuromancer sequences.