The Planets: Photographs from the Archives of NASA - Nirmala Nataraj, Bill Nye, U.S. Goverment

GoodReads Summary: This magnificent volume offers a rich visual tour of the planets in our solar system. More than 200 breathtaking photographs from the archives of NASA are paired with extended captions detailing the science behind some of our cosmic neighborhood's most extraordinary phenomena. Images of newly discovered areas of Jupiter, fiery volcanoes on Venus, and many more reveal the astronomical marvels of space in engrossing detail. Anyone with an interest in science, astronomy, and the mysteries of the universe will delight in this awe-inspiring guide to the wonders of the solar system.


If I said this book was only about pictures of the several rocks in our solar system, I'd seriously not right -- although the book is (mostly) it.

Besides gorgeous images of the planets in the solar system, including, Ceres, Pluto, the Sun and even comet 67P, it also has information about what you're seeing: The icy plains of Pluto (you know, the heart shaped thing), the size and speed of Jupiter huge storm and everything else you can think of.

This is the kind of book you should buy in large sheets and put on your coffee table, not only to impress your guests, but also to remind you of how big the space is.