Greenland (2020)

Wikipedia Summary: The film follows a family who must fight for survival as a planet-destroying comet races to Earth.


If you have some American friend that keeps asking "Why the world doesn't like America?", you can ask them to watch this movie and learn.

The movie is, basically, "2012" upside-down: Instead of destruction coming from the centre of the Earth itself, it's coming from space. But, for some reason, governments built some sort of arc to save people -- selected people. And our hero was selected, even when his family have health issues -- his kid has diabetes and, thus, shouldn't be selected, as only healthy families can join the "arc". In a way, it makes sense, you don't want to spend energy and food with people that could die any moment if you want to save the human race, right?

So far, no reason to dislike the United States, right?

But then, you have this amazing line, told by a newscaster: "Meteors are falling all over the planet! This could be the end of this great nation."

HOLD YOUR FREAKING HORSES! Meteors are falling everywhere, all around the planet but they are worried about the great nation? Fuck your entitlement.

But that's not enough. Surely Gerard Butler does nothing to hide his accent and, while hitchhiking on a truck on the way to his father-in-law house, marked as the reunion place after he got separated from his wife and kid, he mentions he was called to another fellow hitchhiker, but couldn't board. And then, another guy in the same truck notices this and asks "But should the government give space for people like you?" (or something around those lines). "America is for Americans!" Fight insures and some friendly black guy is killed, 'cause of course the black person has to die. All for the good of the great nation.

Not enough? Ok, let me give you the kicker: The arc is actually a subterranean base built on... GREENLAND! It's not even in freaking United States, the great nation had to build their safe somewhere else!

Also, being the hero and such, Gerard Butler and his family finally reach Greenland and find the base and they are took without a peep. Why would you accept people coming from everywhere, with no checks, if you were refusing sick people in the first place?

I'm pretty sure the general plot is pretty awesome idea -- even if it feels a bit like Deep Impact -- but it seems if focused too much into one piece of the planet. Heck, even The Core managed to show the whole world being destroyed.

PS: By the words here, it may seem that I want to destroy MURRICA or whatever. That's not the point; thing is, sometimes the way USA is presented around the world may give this feeling of "they feel superior", but I'm pretty sure only Fox News would report the "dead of our great nation", but everyone else would report the global problem as a global problem and the heckneck that hates anyone not-American is part of a very small portion of the Americans. And to light the mood: "I don't hate Americans, I have friends that are!"