King Kong (2005)

IMDB Summary: A greedy film producer assembles a team of moviemakers and sets out for the infamous Skull Island, where they find more than just cannibalistic natives.


If I could summarize it, I'd simply put "weird".

Sure, the special effects are a lot better than the original version, done in claymation. But the whole of the story is simple... nothing new. I mean, there are movies that took the original story and update it to the current times, like "The Day the Earth Stood Still"; others, are timeless, like "Twelve Angry Men" (which shouldn't make sense at this time), but the only update from the original is that they put Jack Black saying catchphrases from time to time -- not that his acting is bad, the character just seems out of place, like someone acting the way they acted in the 20s with the rest of the cast in the 90s.

Again, the special effects are pretty damn good, with Andy Serkis leading the titular monkey. But, again, it's hard to put an excuse for a remake only for that.

In the end, if they just coloured the original version and updated the visuals, the result may be actually better.