Nekrotronic (2018)

IMDB Summary: A man who discovers that he is part of a secret sect of magical beings who hunt down and destroy demons in the internet.


Someone is trying to be the next "Yahoo Serious", but not getting there.

Don't get fooled by the summary: It's not that the secret sect hunt demons in the internet; the original plot do a flip that is actually pretty smart: demons always took the bodies of humans and, in modern days, decided to live in the internet. Why I think it is smart? 'Cause they make a pretty good case for seeing so much hate online these days.

But while the initial setting seems pretty good, you can see that it is an independent movie when things get shorted in some places. The movie tries to make some technobabble of demon hunting, special gear and such, with the lack of funding it just looks like some silly costumes.

Still, it is quite fun in some parts, and the goofy style -- which the actors also seem to grasp and act on it -- make a somewhat nice comedy.