You've Been Trumped Too (2016)

IMDB Summary: A chronicle of the confrontation between billionaire Donald Trump and feisty 92-year-old Scottish widow, Molly Forbes.


On the eve of 2016 election, a filmmaker decides to make a point about the republican candidate for the USA presidency, Donald Trump, focusing on the struggles of an old lady in Scotland, whose water have been cut with the constructor of Trump gold course.

For the plot, you can imagine how it would go: focusing on the "don't care about others" from Donald, which failed to recognize he (and his business) harmed some other folk. Also, you can imagine that his whole family -- specially Donald Trump Jr -- would also not give a shit about their actions affecting someone else. And you can expect that there is a lot of speculation that the Trump family is actually using politics to force people out of their homes so they can built a bigger golf course.

Where the movie falls short, though, is the feeling that the filmmakers thought they could actually make a dent on Trump's campaign for presidency using just one story. Sure, a 92-year-old lady that gets cut from her water supply, have to have her children bring bottled water so she can have water to drink and only wishes to have a real shower, all that while Trump Corporation (and his son) keep saying that they will fix the problem, do absolutely nothing and, when a neighbor takes the matter in his own hand and gets sue for it, it is infuriating, but you don't expect that voters in the USA -- voters that would (and did) vote for Trump -- would care about some old lady in Scotland, do you?

In this line of "trying to make you furious", there are some selected quotes from voters, like "Maybe she shouldn't have water anyway" from a man, and two Trump supporters saying they they understand the neighbor going after a power "bigger than him", 'cause they are also going after a power bigger than them, which is Hillary Clinton. Oh, sure you understand, but you're supporting the power bigger than him, you dumb fucks!

(See, it works, sometimes.)

If they have picked up more stories, shown more people affected by the lack of sympathy of the Trump Corporation and such, maybe it would feel more like a real contender, as sad as it is a 92-year-old woman having no water to shower or even drink.