Grand Prix Driver

IMDB Summary: Grand Prix Driver goes inside the secretive world of Formula 1 by offering never-before-granted access to the inner workings of McLaren. Narrated by Michael Douglas.


A series about Formula, pretty close to Drive to Survive, although the later focuses more on the pilots and this one focuses more on the team, the tech and the car -- and a bit on the driver.

While more interesting than "Drive To Survive" by showing the whole aspect of a Formula 1 Team like a living organism, it falls short by looking at only one team: McLaren. There was a great potential to make more seasons, each season focusing on a different team and their fight in the year -- and the only team I can think of that would have a problem with someone showing what they do is Ferrari; all others would welcome some exposure.

So, while interesting, it was killed too soon and not explored fully.