Sharing Daily Links

I'm changing the way I share links around the web.

For a while, I used my Mastodon Account to share interesting links from different subjects.

Today I decided to change that.

From now on, instead of sharing links directly on the microblogging site, I'll make one post per day1 with links for different subjects that I collect around the web. The difference between those two, besides the fact that I used to post one toot2 per link and now it will be a post with several links, is that I'll add some small information about the link itself or its content.

In case you're wondering why the change, the reason is that I realized it is way better to grep the content of this blog than using the search feature of DayOne, which collects all the toots I do.

Just to explain how I collect those links:

  1. I favourite toots and some tweets;
  2. Every morning, I run downfav to collect those toots and save them locally;
  3. A small Python script (which I want to replace at some point) uploads the saved texts to my Joplin;
  4. I check a specific Notebook (the one the Python script uploads things to) for things that have links;
  5. I click the links, which open a tab on Firefox;
  6. Repeat 4 till all links have been clicked;
  7. Read posts;
  8. If interesting, make a toot.

The step I'm changing is the 8th: Instead of making a toot for each link, I'm going to start a blog post, add every interesting link, add a comment about it (something missing in the previous flow) and then post everything.


People who remember "Delicious" (or "") may remember that it had a feature that it will make a post on a WordPress install with the links you captured the day before. This is basically me resurrecting this, but in a manual form.


For those who don't know Mastodon, a "toot" is a post, kinda like Twitter calls its posts "tweets".