Things I Learnt The Hard Way - The... Book?

Random thought about the previous post about "Things I Learnt The Hard Way".

When I wrote the post about "Things I Learnt The Hard Way", I never thought it would gather the traction it did.

It was posted on Reddit, on, and it is being discussed on Twitter.

None of those was posted by me (except a single tweet, which didn't gather that much attention).

Since then, I've added a bunch of new points -- as life goes on, I remember another thing that I forgot to mention in the first time -- and when I write this new post, the original now captures 83 (!!!) points.

But while the short format gives a quick idea of what I meant, it doesn't properly explain the points -- and a lot of people are (correctly) raising those in the discussion boards. So I feel I should really expand those.

And, at the same time, I have created a few macros for Zola (the blogging engine I'm using) to "publish" some books (if you allow me to be really loose with the meaning of "publishing").

That's why I'm currently considering expanding the points in a digital book format, also here in this blog, using each point as a chapter.

I'll still update the original post, but expanding the points into chapters will give me more room to put my thoughts on each of them, and I can link each point to the longer explanation.

Sounds like a plan, doesn't it?