Things I Learnt The Hard Way - Toxic/Aggressive People Are Not Fixable

You may think "But I could go to those people and say 'Why are you being toxic?' or 'Why are you attacking me?' or even just tell them it's not nice to say such things. It would help."

I don't believe that's the case.

In the case of toxic people, they just want to see the place burn so they can be the hero that saves the day. Microaggressors just want to make your feel down 'cause so they could feel superior to you.

And I don't think they can be easily fixable. That's their modus operandi and they will keep doing it so 'cause that's the only way they can see to "improve" themselves -- even if there is no real improvement, they are just letting everything down so they seem better than the others.

On the other hand, if you keep paying attention to the way people react to you, you may notice that you may be doing this to others. And now the ball is in your park: Do you want to be a better person or not?

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