Tacit Beryllium

Telegram bot in Rust.

  1. If the user sends a message with a link but didn't interact with the group before, the message is deleted.
  2. URL blocklist; if message contains an URL from the blocklist, the message is deleted.
  3. Welcome message (so, not so tacit, huh?). The main idea is to tell people how to share content in the group (use Gist, not paste images or code directly, etc).
  4. Validate that the account is a real person? ("Click here to confirm you're a person") This doesn't invalidate point 1, as the person may connect, click the link and then simply some automate process post content.

Wiggly Duralim

Rust WebDAV server.

  • Stores entries in Sled
  • Login
  • Web interface
  • WebDAV interface
  • S3 backend
    • Saves files locally for faster access, moved it to S3 in the background, then updates the file record for delivery

Condensed Fernico

CLI Finance

  • CLI interface
  • Storage: Diesel? SQLite directly?
  • Save attachments: How?
  • Short UUID for records
  • Uses event store for all operations
    • We can sync using the event store

Potent Thrifty Iridium

Postgres Text Interface.

  • Simple, Borland-like interface.
  • List of servers/connections.
| *Connected to XXX*                     |
| Query                                  |
|                                        |
|                                        |
|                                        |
| Results                                |
| +----+---------+----------+------+---> |
| | Fi | Field   | Field    | Fiel | F   |
| +----+---------+----------+------+---> |
| | Va | Value   | Value    | Valu | V   |
| | Va | Value   | Value    | Valu | V   |
| | Va | Value   | Value    | Valu | V   |
| | Va | Value   | Value    | Valu | V   |
| +----+---------+----------+------+---> |
  • <Tab> jumps between results and query.
  • Save queries?
    • Could save and load files, the are pure text anyway...
  • How does one disconnect/return to server list?
  • VIM-like keybinds, maybe?
  • Replace commands like \dt with show tables (accept both)
    • More interesting, using show tables should show that the actual command is \dt
  • Auto-complete tables, fields, etc (pretty much what psql does already)

Abounding Palladium

Activity Pub

  • Bastion or Actix?
  • Post ID: MD5/SHA1/SHA256 of text + attachment info
    • This makes easy to mark content as "boosts" when someone posts the same thing as others.
  • Posts are saved directly in the filesystem (ID is directory, content inside)
  • Boosts are just symlinks

Normative Robust Platinum

Name Rust Project

  • "clap-rs"
    • "generate 'name'"
    • "adjectives add/remove/list"
    • "metals add/remove/list"
  • Build metal list
    • Default list
    • Dump default list on database on initial run
  • Build adjective list
    • Default list
    • Dump default list on database on initial run
  • Should accept adding metal and adjectives
  • List storage should accept comments
  • Get project description, one phrase, short
  • Get metal with the same starting letter as the last word
  • Get adjectives from the rest of the words, starting letter, order by word “distance”
  • Join all

Repository: nrp.git

Timeless Uranium

Time Up!

  • Add item: Description, date, time
  • Add item should be ordered, from closest to awayest
  • Save to config/TOML/JSON
  • Display time left till item
  • Delete events in the past

Repository: tu.git

The Hidden Value of TikTok

As if 2020 wasn't weird enough, Oracle bought the US operations of TikTok, which makes no sense.

Except when it does.

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Commented Links for 2020-08-29

YouTube Unhideable Political Ads, Fediverse Out of Play Store, Haskell From Zero, Haskell Mini-Patterns, Rust Thread Pools, Embedded Rust Logging Crate, Predicable Oracle, Falsehoods About Addresses, Track This.

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Functional Python Programming - Create Succinct and Expressive Implementations with Python - Steven F. Lott

GoodReads Summary: With Functional Python Programming by your side you’ll understand the core concepts of function Python, its impact on the programming workflow, and how to implement it in Python, giving you the ability to take your applications to an even higher level.

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